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Global Payroll Transformation

Global Payroll Transformation




Strategy Execution


Globalized CPG company has a distributed set of many payroll systems in each country with an affiliate. Each country has a self-managed or outsourced payroll process with no centralized payroll services teams. There is simply no easy way to globally report on payroll data and payroll processes.


We were tasked with driving a dual-vendor payroll system consolidation across 50+ global affiliates with integrations for HR Self-Service. In addition to a payroll system consolidation, we helped establish a Global payroll services team with all new processes and payroll self-service.


The TranSigma strategy execution teams were able to step in and help this CPG client achieve cost savings, efficiency, and global data access. 50+ affiliates are being converted to 2 global payroll solutions with a global pay services team with regional leads all around the world. This client is now able to efficiently manage their payroll on a global scale

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