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Global Payroll Transformation


In today's globalized world, efficient payroll management is essential for multinational corporations to succeed. This case study highlights how we streamlined a leading Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company's payroll systems across multiple countries, enabling seamless payroll operations and global reporting capabilities.

Global Payroll Transformation




Strategy Execution


Our client, a global CPG company, grappled with disparate payroll systems across multiple countries where they operated. The decentralized nature of these systems resulted in self-managed or outsourced payroll processes, creating significant challenges for managing and reporting payroll data on a worldwide scale. Furthermore, the lack of centralized payroll services made it difficult for employees to address their payroll-related concerns or obtain timely assistance, leading to dissatisfaction and potential errors in payroll calculations. This disjointed approach hindered the company's ability to maintain consistent payroll practices and ensure employee satisfaction.


Consolidating Payroll Systems and Establishing a Global Services Team
We were entrusted with the task of consolidating the client's payroll systems across 50+ global affiliates, reducing it to just two primary vendors, and integrating HR self-service functionality. Alongside this, we facilitated the establishment of a Global Payroll Services Team, complete with new processes and payroll self-service capabilities, to manage and oversee the company's worldwide payroll operations.


Our expert strategy execution teams successfully assisted the CPG client in achieving significant cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved global data access. By converting the 50+ affiliates to two global payroll solutions and implementing a Global Payroll Services Team with regional leads around the world, we empowered the client to effectively manage their payroll on an international scale.

This case study demonstrates our commitment to helping multinational CPG companies optimize their operations and achieve greater efficiency, even in the face of complex global challenges.

Key Takeaways

  1. Addressing fragmentation: Consolidating multiple payroll systems into two primary vendors helped the client overcome the challenges associated with disparate and decentralized systems, resulting in improved efficiency and data management.

  2. Centralizing support: Establishing a Global Payroll Services Team enabled the client to centralize payroll support, ensuring that employees had a dedicated channel to address their payroll-related concerns and receive prompt assistance.

  3. Enhancing employee satisfaction: By implementing a streamlined payroll system with dedicated support, the client not only optimized their operations but also boosted employee satisfaction through timely resolution of payroll issues.

  4. Achieving cost savings: Our expert strategy execution resulted in significant cost savings for the client, demonstrating the value of optimizing payroll management for multinational corporations in the CPG industry.

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