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April 27, 2023

Celonis Silver Partner Status Announcement

Celonis Silver Partner Status Announcement

Exciting announcement from TranSigma and Celonis

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We are thrilled to announce that TranSigma has achieved SILVER Partnership status with Celonis!  This accomplishment reflects our commitment to growing our internally certified team and outstanding customer delivery and enables TranSigma to provide even more value to clients leveraging Celonis’ Execution Management System.   

TranSigma has a history of helping companies enhance processes with data-driven insights and change acceleration. Celonis provides the ability to identify opportunities to be more efficient while adding a layer of execution management to facilitate targeted actions. Together, this partnership will continue to play a significant role in achieving greater results and increased value for our clients.    

In a statement, Nicole Gallant, North America VP of Partner Alliances at Celonis said,   

"It's my distinct pleasure to award TranSigma with Celonis' SILVER Partner status. Their relentless focus on finding and capturing exponential business value for CPG and Retail clients is evident throughout each engagement. As a result of our partnership, we continue to see ample opportunities to bring TranSigma's institutional industry knowledge together with Celonis’ market leading process mining technology enabling our clients to perform at levels they never thought possible. Our partnership has a bright future."  

At TranSigma, we too believe our partnership has a bright future and we can’t wait for what is next. 

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