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Service Oriented Vulnerability Management


Drawing on over ten years of expertise in bolstering a range of Vulnerability Management (VM) initiatives, we've revolutionized the conventional risk-based VM methodology, transitioning it into a Service-Oriented process model. Enhanced by TranSigma's top-tier execution, our methodology strives to reshape the definition of a world-class Vulnerability Management program.


Vulnerability Management Thought Leadership

The Zero Vulnerability Series

Written by our COO: Richard Metz, CISSP



How Do We Redefine Vulnerability Management?

  1. Holistic Risk Management: Our strategy provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to risk management. We bridge the gap between cybersecurity and infrastructure, ensuring that every vulnerability is strategically addressed.

  2. Infrastructure-Led Expertise: We understand that the heart of effective vulnerability management lies in the hands of infrastructure teams. We empower them to lead the charge, implementing solutions efficiently and minimizing risks.

  3. Hierarchical Services for Precision: SOVM organizes remediation needs into hierarchical services, each focused on specific actions across your digital assets. This precision ensures that vulnerabilities are not just addressed but strategically managed for optimal risk reduction.

  4. Action-Centric Approach: Move beyond the vulnerabilities themselves and focus on the actions required for remediation. Our approach revolves around ownership areas, such as OS patching and DB management, ensuring a targeted and effective response.

  5. Adaptability for the Future: Acknowledging the ever-evolving nature of cybersecurity threats, TranSigma’s SOVM ensures that your vulnerability management strategy is not a one-time fix but an ongoing, adaptive process. We equip your team with the discipline and rigor needed to apply solutions repeatedly over time.

Unlocking the Potential of SOVM

Service Oriented Vulnerability Management doesn't replace risk-based VM; it enhances it by providing holistic visibility across the entire vulnerability landscape. It's a strategic move that empowers organizations to address vulnerabilities at their source and achieve significant wins in terms of efficiency, accountability, and overall business benefits.

The transition from Traditional VM to Service Oriented VM

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