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Process Transformation

Process is the Center of our Universe

We are engaged to help our clients drive simplification and efficiency into the DNA of their companies. They come to us because we deliver lasting transformations that become part of the company culture.

Our History Through Process

TranSigma was born with a focus on process improvement. Even our name is a nod to the Six Sigma methodology used to reduce defects and variability in the outcomes of business processes. 

While we incorporate a process-oriented approach into everything we do, we specialize particularly in re-designing and improving business processes. Using state-of-the-art technology and value-driven metrics, we do what it takes to ensure that your business processes are effective and efficient, creating a path toward continuous improvement

Featured Case Studies

LEAN Workout: BOM Process


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Process Mining with Celonis

In addition to our process expertise at TranSigma, we are proud to be a certified partner of Celonis - the industry leader in Process Mining and Execution Management. 

Celonis unlocks another level for our process transformation teams, allowing us to quickly provide detailed insights and analyses throughout any area of an organization.

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