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Process is the Center of our Universe

At our core, we are a Process Improvement company. In the modern age, process transformation services take on many forms. Whether we are implementing new technologies, improving automation, or mining processes and tasks, the result is that your processes and your business operations run more intelligently and efficiently than ever before.

Our Process History

TranSigma was born with a focus on process improvement. Even our name is a nod to the Six Sigma methodology used to reduce defects and variability in the outcomes of business processes. 

While we incorporate a process-oriented approach into everything we do, we specialize particularly in re-designing and improving business processes. Using state-of-the-art technology and value-driven metrics, we do what it takes to ensure that your business processes are effective and efficient, creating a path toward continuous improvement

Thought Leadership

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What is Process Mining?

Launching an effective process improvement initiative requires an examination of the existing operations of a business process. However, the interaction with process owners and customers can introduce a clash between subjectivity and reality, potentially obscuring the true state of the current process. This is where process mining becomes valuable—a state-of-the-art approach that utilizes innovative technology to analyze and interpret data, offering an objective and real-time view of the actual performance of your process.

Focused Process Mining Areas

Featured Case Studies

LEAN Workout: BOM Process


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