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LEAN Workout: BOM Process

LEAN Workout: BOM Process




Process Transformation


The BOM (Bill of Materials) process was extremely manually intensive, which required employees to physically print, sign, scan, and email or fax up to THREE iterations before the PAPER document was finally filed manually. The time-consuming process left the organization with no means of reporting or tracking.


Digitized the standard form (formerly an Excel document) into a web-based template, allowing client to capture data efficiently and accurately. Workflow built around data allowing the approvals to be captured within an online workflow tool, which eliminated the need for physical signatures.


95% cycle time reduction. Reduced 12 manual steps down to 3 automated steps- Submit, Notify, and Approve. Added the ability to generate reports. Enabled the organization’s workflow tool, and set the stage for other workflows. Created high acceptance of the organization’s previously unused workflow tool

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